Area Covered: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin.


Sponsorship To Professors Workshops and Seminars within the Great Lakes area to attend workshops and seminars put on by the Portland Cement Association (PCA), the American Concrete Paving Association (ACPA) and The Masonry Society. Every summer PCA holds a workshop for university faculty that teach structural concrete design, for both building and bridge applications. The seminars are held at PCA's office in Skokie, IL. There is no registration fee. Travel expenses incurred in conjunction with attendance at these seminars are covered by the concrete industry on a first come, first served basis. Contact Mary Witt email: Ph: 517-887-6016 to start the registration process.


Other workshops are periodically provided by ACPA and The Masonry Society. You can contact the Great Lakes office if interested in sponsorship. T: 517-887-6016 F: 517-393-1711 E:


Cement Plant Tours are provided, upon request for students attending college classes with related curriculum in the Great Lakes area. To set up a plant tour contact the Great Lakes office if interested. T: 517-887-6016 F: 517-393-1711 E:


Speakers Bureau: contact us if you're looking for a speaker and or a trainer for cement or concrete topics. T: 517-887-6016 F: 517-393-1711 E:

Design & Control of Concrete Mixtures: This guide to applications, methods and materials has been the industry's primary reference on concrete technology for over 85 years. GLCPA makes the fully revised 15th edition available to professors and students without charge. Contact



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