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Great Lakes Cement Promotion Council

The Great Lakes Cement Promotion Council, Inc. (GLCPC) is a Michigan nonprofit corporation that promotes the use of portland and masonry cements and concrete products. GLCPC is active in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. GLCPC's members are seven cement manufacturers that produce or ship products in this region.

Our Members

Continental Cement Company

Fairborn Cement

Heidelberg Materials

St. Marys Cement Company

Kosmos Cement Company


Illinois Cement

Concrete is one of the most durable, versatile and widely used building materials on earth.

GLCPC is dedicated to expanding the use of cement and concrete products in traditional and innovative applications. To that end, GLCPC invests in the promotion programs and activities of allied trade associations in the region, including ready mix, paving, pipe, precast and masonry associations. GLCPC believes in partnering with any organization within the region that promotes the use of cement and cement products, with the goal of optimizing its investment in the promotion of cement and concrete materials throughout the region. Information about GLCPC's promotion partners and links to their websites can be found through the Partners tab.

Much of the process of promotion is education. GLCPC believes that the more that architects, engineers and construction specifiers know about cement and concrete, the more it will be used. GLCPC's education efforts begin with providing design, instruction and reference materials to university and college professors and students. GLCPC invites students and instructors to look at our college programs and make use of any resources available there.

Our goal is to provide information and resources for your cement and concrete needs.

Please visit this site periodically and take advantage of the information and support offered here.

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